Monday, June 25, 2018

Request for Release of Information from Senator Tina Smith

A few weeks ago, I contacted both Senator(s) Klobuchar and Smith.  I received a response from Senator Smith's office regarding my Office of the Judge Advocate complaint.  I have faxed the release for Senator Smith's office this morning and am waiting for a response.

I've also got U.S. Representative Jason Lewis' office involved.

I hope all involved feel the noose around their neck.  They have been allowed to freely violate Federal Laws/Department of Defense Regulations for the last 11 years and they are now going to be held accountable for their actions.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Response from the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoD IG)

On April 2, 2018 I contacted the Office of the Judge Advocate General  and advised them that since they have refused to investigate my claims against Brian E. Kasprzyk, Clay A. Plummer, John E. Y. Ellis (practicing law under the name Yancey Ellis), Michael J. Melocowsky and Eric Muelenberg; I was going to start contacting everyone whose cases these men have worked on.  If they violated the law to gain a conviction in my husband's case, I know they have done it before (and probably after) as well.  I wanted to gather as many cases as I could to compare notes, so to speak.

I forwarded a copy of my letter sent to OJAG to the Department of Defense Inspector General and several others as well.  I got a response back from the DoD IG asking for me to allow my personal information to be released on a need-to-know basis to which I agreed.

In the mean time, I started a blog, Corrupt Military Attorneys naming the individuals involved and some of the things they have done to wrongfully convict my husband, Edwin Ehlers.  Within 16 hours of launch, I had more than 400 hits.

I sent a follow up letter to OJAG and the DoD IG on April 19, 2018.

Today, I finally got conformation that as of April 19, 2018 my DoD IG complaint was forwarded to the Department of the Navy Inspector General and the Marine Corps Inspector General.  I am giving them 2 weeks to respond to my complaint before I initiate contact again. 

Will update more soon. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Facebook Conversation with Gloria Johnson 10.8.2017

On 10/8/2017 I contacted Gloria Johnson (Edwin's ex-wife and prosecution witness).  Edwin wanted to know if she would write a statement about what she knew.  Although she agreed to write a statement (which she never actually did), she put a lot of useful information in Facebook messenger. 

I had heard a rumor through a mutual acquaintance that Paul and Stacey had also made Hannah accuse Gloria's brother James "Jimmy" Johnson of sexual assault.  Naturally I wanted to get as much information as possible because if true, it would help Edwin's appeal.  Gloria said no, that never happened but then started talking to me about Edwin's wrongful conviction.

What I find the most interesting is the fact that Gloria, who knew Paul and Stacey Skovranko's family well, said that Stacey told her the marriage had issues and she (Gloria) believes Stacey used Edwin as a scapegoat to keep her family together.  Insinuating STACEY AND PAUL LIED.  Gloria also said that she told the "man who came to her home" (i.e. NCIS agent) that she DID NOT believe Edwin did what he was accused of.

With regard to Hannah Skovranko telling NCIS in her interview that Gloria walked in on the alleged sexual assault, Gloria responded "that is a damn lie".   After she read the full interview notes from NCIS, she responded "this is all lies.  OMG".

One the day the alleged rape happened, Gloria confirmed that it was her mom Donna Kerr--NOT Edwin--babysitting Hannah (remember: Stacey told NCIS in her sworn statement that she dropped Hannah off with Edwin, not Donna but that Donna was there, sleeping on the couch).  She further stated that Edwin only came home about 20 minutes before she did that day in question and Hannah was on the couch with Donna while Edwin was in the bedroom playing video games. 

Gloria also confirmed that Randi Hester (her daughter) did not testify against Edwin at court because she (Randi) would not lie and did not want anyone twisting her words (recall: Randi told NCIS in her statement that she (Randi) witnessed Stacey Skovranko tell Hannah it was Edwin who raped her when Hannah refused to provide Stacey with a name). 

At the 2 day, sham of a trial, my mother in law and I witnessed Gloria yelling at Stacey outside the court building.  I've always been curious as to why the argument happened. 

Gloria confirmed it. 

Gloria asked Stacey why Paul left with Hannah from the hospital which apparently pissed off Stacey.  Gloria said "And then I found out that Hannah said nothing happened that she lied
And that is why they left the hospital".  Interesting.  Gloria, upon speaking to Stacey and questioning her found out the prosecutions star witness lied??  Are we seeing a pattern here?

Gloria then said that Paul and Stacey have a rocky marriage and Stacey "Maybe using something to help hold her family together I don't know".  Gloria was close to this family, even after they all moved from California to the East Coast, they kept in touch.  They got the kids together for sleepovers and spent time together.  

Now, I told Gloria I believed Paul was molesting his daughter and Stacey knew about it which is why they had to blame Edwin, so Paul could avoid jail time.  Gloria confirmed, she suspects the same.  

You can read the full conversation here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

NMCCA Appeal under the All Writs Act 2.9.2018

So this has been a work in progress for the last 6 (or more) months.  The courts have always said they REFUSED to review anything unless it was within the "4 square corners" of the record of trial, well here they go.  Everything argued in this writ is within the record of trial.  The underhanded acts by defense counsel which amounted to a gross ineffective assistance of counsel claim and the missing pages in the "supposedly" verbatim record of trial and how without those pages, the courts could not possible give a full and fair review of Edwin's case thereby violating his Constitutional rights is there in the record.

You can view the court submission here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New Information

Recently, I contacted Gloria Johnson (Edwin's ex wife and former friend to Paul and Stacey Skovranko). 

After some general questions, Gloria provided with me some insight as to why the Skovranko's may have used Edwin as the scapegoat in their lies. According to Gloria, the Skovranko's marriage was on the rocks-and had been for sometime. Gloria believes that Stacey may have pushed the issue of her daughters strange behavior as a way to keep her marriage together. 

Gloria also mentioned that she believed it was Paul who was touching H and still believes it to this day. If true, it would explain why Stacey Skovranko had Gloria's then 13 year old daughter question H. Stacey would have wanted to know if H would say something since H was seen touching herself. So when Randi and H went to Stacey and told Stacey that someone had touched H, Stacey immediately said it was Edwin-that way she wouldn't lose the life she was accustomed to if her husband Paul was found out and imprisoned.

Now, this is just speculation because no one has come forward saying that they saw Paul touching his daughter, but the comments made by Gloria to me in our Facebook messages conversation the other night would lead one to believe it. Gloria was close to the Skovranko's, she talked at length to Stacey about their marriage and problems they were having and Gloria even believes it was Paul doing it. Gloria is currently writing a statement of events that she believes are beneficial to helping Edwin obtain his release and have his conviction overturned.