Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is wrong with the US government?

I realize that the wheels of justice are slow..but are they completely broken?

On January 3rd, after 1 1/2 months of putting together the article 73 new trial petition for Edwin, I sent it out certified mail (with return receipt) to the Judge Advocate General in Washington.

I waited over a week and a half before calling the JAG code 40 to make sure that they received the paperwork and also to find out when the information would be forwarded to the courts for review. I spoke to a Commander, who informed me that he has not see the documents I was referring to and would have to research it further. I gave him the certified mail receipt number, Edwin's social security number, etc, and the Commander told me he would get back to me when he found it.

It has now been 3 weeks and still no word. I have tired to contact him again, and have left several voice mails but he refuses to return my calls. I even went as far as calling the Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeals (where the petition would eventually end up) and asked if they needed the copies, and they to have not returned my calls.

So, I paid another $100 to make 5 copies, bound and professional looking, then sent it again last week. This time making sure I put the 1st tracking number and the 2nd tracking number on them. I am giving JAG code 40 until February 23, to make sure they are received (and microwaved, along with the rest of the junk they do there) before calling them. If they again state that they have not received them, I will be making plans to fly out to Washington and hand deliver the information to them.

As you can tell, I'm a little fed up with getting the run around with these people. With all the DoD Directives, State and Federal laws, and reporting requirements that have been violated-you would think that they would want to remedy the situation as soon as possible. I mean an innocent man is now sitting in prison for a crime he did not commit-yet the pedophile who did the crime (and possibly still doing it) remains free and on active duty. His family is still receiving the military benefits, pay, and life that they always had-flying right under the authorities radar all because the military didn't do their job by investigating the lies that this family told.

This past Sunday, my telephone rang and it was my husband calling. I didn't get to the phone quick enough to grab it before our 3 year old son answered it. When I took the phone away from him, he asked me if he could talk to his daddy on the phone. I told him that he couldn't because daddy would get into a lot of trouble (Edwin is not allowed to have any contact with our kids-no letters, phone calls, pictures-nothing). Our 3 year old did not understand and began to cry and scream because he wanted to talk to his daddy.

My husband became very upset on the phone, I'm pretty sure he started to cry after we got off the phone. I had to lock myself in the bathroom so our son would stop crying and asking to talk to Edwin.

After that incident I told Edwin that I hope Leavenworth was recording this call. I wanted to make sure that when I got him out, they knew what was coming.

I'm going to sue the piss out of the military and the family of that child. I will make sure that the child who lied about what really happened to her, and her family are put through the same things that they have put my family through. I will make sure that the public knows exactly what happened (with all the documentation I have) and know that if you have an affinity to children, all you have to do is enlist in the Navy, become a Chaplin's assistant, and you can get away with touching children.

Some may think that this is a very vindictive thing to do, cruel almost. That the child was "coached" into saying what she said, and I agree. She was coached when she was 4 years old and told NCIS on video that my husband assaulted her and his ex-wife and the ex-wife's mother witnessed the assault. But when it came time for court the child lied again and said she never told NCIS in 2004 that the ex-wife witnessed anything at all. At the time of the trial, the child was an 8 year old who knew at that point, that she had lied.

I have no sympathy for these people, including the ex-wife who is making herself out to be the martyr. Everyone wants to be the victim in this case, and the truth is, that the only victim is my husband who is behind bars for the next 19 years for a crime he did not commit.