Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jumping through hoops again....

In March Edwin's military attorney contacted me and told me that the article 73 petition for a new trial was not accepted. Apparently, though I have the power of attorney for Edwin, it wasn't "good enough" for the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Appeals (NMCCA). I was also told that the petition was not in correct military format and would have been returned because of that fact. One good thing-the military attorney corrected it for me, which I am very greatful for, and now i have it printed and bound awaiting to be mailed for a 2nd time.

Going back a little bit to December 2008, I contacted Parris Island NCIS and spoke to a supervisor who has worked there for over 25 years. I told him I just had some general questions regarding the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) and their involvement with reported sexual assault cases against minors. It was confirmed, that the FAP is required to be involved with EVERY reported case of child abuse, sexual assault against a minor and neglect.

This is where the fun began....

It was shortly after that the supervisor from NCIS asked me what this pertained to and I gave the name of the child. He responded that he knew her and remembered the case and his special agents reported these allegations to the FAP at Parris Island MCRD. At that point I informed him that he was incorrect with the reporting to the FAP. I told him that I have a document in my posession from the FAP at Parris Island that states they have never heard of such a report.

He changed his story yet again and said that the FAP was not available in June 2004. He was wrong again. The FAP has been around since 1992 and is available at all military instillations. That is why they pay people to be the Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARC). He quickly told me that he didn't want to talk to me anymore and ended the call. I took notes from our conversation, and wrote him a nice letter dated January 7, 2009. In the packet I sent to him, certified mail which he signed for, I included the document from the FAP dated January 2008 and DoD Directive 6400.1 Family Advocacy Program.

I included the DoD Directive 6400.1 mainly to piss him off because I knew he didn't believe me on the phone. While working on the packet I sent to him, I realized that he probably missed the day that the reporting requirements for the sexual assault of a minor were covered and even suggested a refresher course for his "underlings" and himself.

Now here is the reason I wrote about the conversation in December 2008. The other night, after everyone was asleep I was playing on the internet and decided to check out the Instector General's website and see if there was anything interesting on it. I came across several articles of Ethics and Oaths on the site which caught my attention since they apply to all federal and state employees , but what really shocked me was the fact that I found references and quotes of an NCIS manual.

In the manual all NCIS agents, including supervisors are required to report within 3 business days fraud (which NCIS committed) and agent misconduct. Now I sent him the info in January, he signed for it himself on January 10th but has still not reported anything to the Investigations Department and NCIS HQ in Washington. What does he have to hide? The incompetence of NCIS at PArris Island and their workers there?

I'm getting another letter to NCIS HQ together and will be sending that out again as well, but the one I'm saving for my PMS day is to him and him alone. When I'm writing to him, I'll make sure I remember the lat thing he said to me "obviously it was a successful investigation, your husband is in prison". What he failed to realize was the lies that were told to put him there.