Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night I e-mailed Major General Waldhauser with the denial from the court dated June 30, 2009. He responded later on that he was no longer the Commanding General of 1st Marine Division and that he handed over the command as of July 1st. The new CG is Major General Mills. So today (after I worked some overtime at work) I came home, made a drink and got to work.

I completed a 6 page letter detailing all of the steps I have taken to correct this problem. I made a timeline and included all the names of people (from the bottom up) in the Marine Corps I have contacted. I let MajGen Mills know that I was tired of getting the run-around. I asked him not to patronize me by having his secretary write a piss off letter to me, as I have received them before. I told him that what I was asking is for someone to take a second look at this case.

MajGen Mills was there when when these charges were first brought up and even had a hand in the forwarding of the charges. It was LtCol Miller, the former Staff Judge Advocate who selectively omitted any information that showed Edwin's innocence. LtCol Miller did this to MajGen Mills and also MajGen Waldhauser. MajGen Waldhauser confirmed that the only documents he saw when Edwin's attorney Mike submitted the convening authority stuff was my letter. The information Mike submitted was over 200 pages. I have a copy.

I told MajGen Mills about my conversation with MajGen Waldhauser in April of this year. I told him that I had a very nice conversation with MajGen Waldhauser at the Officers Club but realized that even though I was standing in a room full of Marines, only a handful were the stand up guys that the Marine Corps likes to portray.

What a shame.

I also let him know that I have gone up and down the chain of command as recommended. In April 2008, I spoke to Major Clay Plummer about the fraud on the court committed by NCIS, Paul, Stacey and their daughter. We had a 40 minute conversation where he gave me personal information about his own family and said that the statement that Stacey gave to NCIS about the child refusing to go to bed until she made sure he daddy had underwear on was a little strange and he did not remember seeing that. I advised him it was in Stacey's sworn statement to NCIS given on June 3, 2004.

Major Plummer, being the assistant trial counsel and also the officer in charge at legal support services aboard Camp Pendleton, said that it was his "judicial obligation to report this". He has yet to do anything. Major Plummer asked me if I was in the area (meaning near Camp Pendleton) because he would like to see the documentation I have. I told him no, I was in Minnesota. The next day, I sent a certified letter to Major Plummer with all the information. It was signed for, and he received it on May 1, 2008.

May 3, 2008 Edwin's attorney Mike called Major Plummer with the information I gave him. Major Plummer at first, denied having spoken to me at all until Mike used the personal information he willing gave me during our conversation. Major Plummer said that I was nothing but a distraught wife and mother and didn't know what I was talking about.

His first mistake.

I found JAGINST 5803.1C and it covers attorney's practicing under the authority of JAG. It states that an attorney is required to report ALL fraud, even if the attorney is involved. Being and officer in the Marine Corps, and an attorney, Major Plummer have violated the UCMJ not once, but twice. I contacted the Judge Advocate General, filed a complaint, and was told they would not do anything about it.

What a crock of shit.

I've gone all the was to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and still nothing has been done.

I recently discovered that the family of this child may not be associated with the Navy anymore. Funny, I would think that after lying about all of this (especially the father, Paul, lying about taking his daughter to the Beaufort Naval Hospital in June 2004), having an innocent man convicted, Paul would want to stay as close to the military as possible. I mean, they are protecting him. If my hunch is right and according to all my documentation, Paul has been touching his daughter for years and Stacey knows about it. Why else would Stacey, in front of a witness, tell her daughter to blame Edwin unless she didn't want anyone to find out the truth?

On a side note:

I have finished Edwin's letter to President Obama that he sent me to complete and send off for him. I'll be writing to congress and others in the near future.

I still have not heard anything from NCIS IG Robert Mulligan.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They did it again...

On June 30th Edwin's appeal and petition for a new trial was denied by the court. Mike, the attorney, re-filed the paperwork again and on July 27th it was denied again. I read the judges statements and one judge, Maksym said:

"As a matter of moral consience I can not affirm the sodomy conviction below. Reasonable minds can differ in determining whether or not the government has satisfied it's burden of proof based upon the facts as placed before us. My marked reservations are, in the main, prompted by the significant delay- opaqualy portrayed in the record of the nearly 3 year interregunum between the first statement by the minor ALLEGED victim and the trial ON MERITS. These massive delays shroud the entire proceedings with the specter of reasonable doubt."

A nice play on words from Judge Maksym. He states he can't confirm the oral sodomy charge because the government FAILED to satisfy it's burden of proof. He admited there was a 3 year delay from the first report (which was June 3rd 2004 to NCIS and the trial was August 21, 2007), He said the ALLEGED victim, I thought Edwin was convicted....wouldn't that mean she is no longer an "alleged victim" and an actual victim????? The last was the trial ON MERITS-meaning there is NO PROOF of the crime.

Hell, the man even said that the massive delays shroud the proceedings with reasonable doubt.

Now are they going to fix this mistake? Nope. Instead they denied the motion to reconsider all the evidence. Did I expect anything but that to happen? Nope.

Judge Maksym even stated that he thought the child was improperly influenced over the long time span by her parents, she was inconsistent and unreliable in her statments (blaming the ex wife as being a witness then recanting, being "confused" as to where alleged incident actaully took place, etc).

Why then is Edwin still in Leavenworth for the next 19 yrs? Because these assholes think they are god. Plain and simple. They could give to shits less about anyone other than their paychecks (which by the way comes from taxpayers pockets) and if they are so fucking educated, they why, after stating all these things, do they not fix it?


The military doesn't want a slap in the face, no one wants to admit to agent misconduct (NCIS), fraud on the court (GOVERNMENT) and ineffective assistance of counsel (DEFENSE), yet they all want a paycheck.

Well after reading his statement, I now know why people hate the government and the military in particular.

Don't get me wrong, I support our troops, but I don't like the people they work for.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Setback

On Tuesday, Edwin's attorney received a denial from the NMCCA. 2 of the 3 judges denied him a new trial. They said that I did not show any "new evidence". Obviously, these people are blind.

First of all the evidence was found after the trial. There are some things that i submitted that were in the record of trial, but showed why they were considered new evidence. The court doesn't want to admit they wrongfully convicted my husband, the United States Marine Corps will never admit they are wrong, and NCIS won't admit they didn't get the police involved with the investigation.

I'm done being nice. I have a follow up letter to the NCIS IG going out today. He wrote to me 2 months ago after i sent him a letter about the agent misconduct at Parris Island NCIS and Camp Pendleton. Inspector General Mulligan said he was "going to look into the allegations and take ther action he deemed appropriate".


If he follows the same trend as the Judge Advocate General, Marine Corps IG, Major Plummer (OIC of Legal Support Service Camp Pendleton), NCIS Special Agent and Case Manager Art Spafford, Special Agent Crandall (Parris Island NCIS), Special Agent Eric Muelenberg (Camp Pendleton NCIS), Lt Michael Melocowsky (Detailed Defense Councel), and Major Brian Kasprzyk (military judge) they will try to sweep this all under the carpet.