Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Setback

On Tuesday, Edwin's attorney received a denial from the NMCCA. 2 of the 3 judges denied him a new trial. They said that I did not show any "new evidence". Obviously, these people are blind.

First of all the evidence was found after the trial. There are some things that i submitted that were in the record of trial, but showed why they were considered new evidence. The court doesn't want to admit they wrongfully convicted my husband, the United States Marine Corps will never admit they are wrong, and NCIS won't admit they didn't get the police involved with the investigation.

I'm done being nice. I have a follow up letter to the NCIS IG going out today. He wrote to me 2 months ago after i sent him a letter about the agent misconduct at Parris Island NCIS and Camp Pendleton. Inspector General Mulligan said he was "going to look into the allegations and take ther action he deemed appropriate".


If he follows the same trend as the Judge Advocate General, Marine Corps IG, Major Plummer (OIC of Legal Support Service Camp Pendleton), NCIS Special Agent and Case Manager Art Spafford, Special Agent Crandall (Parris Island NCIS), Special Agent Eric Muelenberg (Camp Pendleton NCIS), Lt Michael Melocowsky (Detailed Defense Councel), and Major Brian Kasprzyk (military judge) they will try to sweep this all under the carpet.

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Missing our son said...

I am so sorry to hear of this current news!!! WHY won't they listen either in the military or civilian judicial process?? As you have written, they don't want to admit to THEIR wrongdoing! It doesn't matter that Edwin signed up to defend THEIR freedom as well does it? I pray you receive an answer to your new letter, I truly do! If you'd like to email me Edwin's address, I'd like to write to him to keep his spirits up too. Send it to my email. I know the words are weak but hang in there, you are doing a fantastic job!