Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interesting facts...

I was doing more research (seems that's all I do lately) for the lawsuit I'm filing in claims court. I was looking up the MCPON's info to send him a letter, and got diverted to the Judge Advocate Generals website. The JAG instructions I found there go into greater detail than just JAGINST 5803.1C. Apparently the military made a bigger blunder that previously thought.

If you want to read some of them here they are:

OPNAVINST 1752.2B Family Advocacy Program (FAP),%20Community%20and%20Religious%20Services/1752.2B.pdf

This on refers to DOD Directive 6400.1 FAP and several others. It has details about the FAP and their roles during an NCIS investigation of the sexual assault of a minor (NOTE: they were NEVER contacted by NCIS regarding this investigation)

COMNAVLEGSVCCOMINST 5800.1E Naval Legal Service Command Manual

This is the Naval Legal Service Command (NLSC) Manual and covers the duties of prosecutors withing the Department of the Navy (DON). It covers the mandatory reporting requirements of the prosecution to the FAP and actions commanding officers (CO's) and officers-in-charge (OIC) of Legal Support Services (LSS). This manual clearly states that LSS has a duty to make sure all the T's are crossed and the I's dotted before taking a case to a court martial. It discusses fairness, impartiality, training and education responsibilities and ethics and standards of conduct/professional responsibility.

I wonder how this manual slipped through the fingers of Major Clay Plummer (OIC), Capt John Ellis or Lt. Michael Melocowsky???

These are just 2 of the many others I have found. All of these manuals clearly state what is supposed to happen, but didn't in Edwin's case.

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