Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Letter from Major General Richard Mills, Commanding General of 1st Marine Division

On July 31, 2009, I sent a letter to Maj Gen Mills, the (current/returning) CG of 1st Marine Division. Maj Gen Mills what the CG when all these false charges were brought against Edwin in 2004 through his wrongful conviction in August 2007.

I received a letter from Maj Gen Mills dated August 6, 2009. Here is what he wrote (and signed):

Dear Mrs. Ehlers,

This is a response to your letter of July 31, 2009. I am struck with admiration and appreciation for the loyalty you have shown to your husband, and for the extensive amount of work you have done collecting evidence in support of his appeal.

You need to understand that I cannot give this case the "second look" you have requested, as the case is no longer under my control. Once the case has been forwarded to the Judge Advocate General for review by the appellate courts, I no longer have the authority to modify the convening authority action in the case. I recommend that you provide the information you have collected to your husband's appellate defense counsel, who will be in the best position to make use of it during the appellate process.

I know this in not the response you would have liked, but nevertheless, you have my best wishes


Richard P. Mills
Major General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General

I find this letter extremely interesting, first of all I have provided this to the appellate defense counsel and the courts for that matter. You can imagine the results-one judge admits to partial wrongdoing but will not do anything to correct it (further details in a previous post). The first appellate defense counsel, Major Jackson, was removed from the case a couple days prior to the NMCCA's decision in denying the article 73 petition for a new trial and the denial of Edwin's first appeal.

All the people I have contacted, this is the same response I get. No one will do anything. No one will stand up and admit that something needs to be done to correct this mistake and put these liars in jail where they belong.

I have made it VERY clear in all my letters, I have documentation showing the parents of this child lied about taking her to the Beaufort Naval Hospital, that the mother of the child told her to blame Edwin in front of a witness, that the child admitted to lying on the stand about other "witnesses" to this crime after her mother's friend (and Edwin's ex-wife) confronted them outside while on break about the accusations against her, I even have an e-mail from the ex-wife where she stated that the prosecution wouldn't let her daughter, who witnessed the mother of this child tell her to blame Edwin-testify because she wouldn't change her story. I have all the NCIS documents that support Edwin's innocence and proves these lies. Still no one will do anything about it.

What is it going to take to get someone to stand up and let the Marine Corps know that they screwed up? How long will Edwin, our kids and I suffer for these lies? 19 years?

Here is the link for 1st Marine Division

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