Saturday, October 31, 2009

Call from the Office of Congressman John Kline

This past Wednesday morning while I was getting ready for work, I got a call from a gentleman who works in Congressman John Kline's office. I explained what was going on with Edwin, the DoD Directive violations, SECNAVINST violations, JAGINST violations, and blatant disregard for the law during our 30 minute conversation. At the end of the conversation, this man told me that there was nothing they were able to do because "their 3 inch book of ethics doesn't allow them to get involved with legal matters".

This is exactly what I had figured and expected them to say. I let this man know that I had received a letter from Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is on the judiciary committee. He questioned me about this for 5 minutes then stated that he was not aware that they are able to do anything either. I told him what I had sent to her Minnesota office per her request (which was all documentation showing Edwin's innocence-being that she is a former Minnesota prosecutor, she would know how to read the Art 73 petition and brief).

I then let this man know that I plan on filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit in Federal Claims Court under the Tucker Act for these violations, since the Judge at NMCCA admitted that the military has violated Edwin's constitutional rights.

This conversation was extremely interesting because apparently Congress can write the laws, but they are not able to enforce them or they simply don't care what the government does.

Here's an FYI, if I were to do anything that the government or this family has done (i.e. false testimony, fabrication of evidence, tampering with evidence, etc) I would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and thrown in prison. Yet these people are getting away with it because no one is allowed to drop this on the military's doorsetp. Obviously I've done my research and found these inconsistencies and outright lies, but who is going to do anything about it? Apparently not Congressman John Kline (according to the man who called me) because it's an "ethics" issue.

Where where the government ethics when Edwin was wrongfully convicted?

If I'm not mistaken, Congressman John Kline is up for re-election next year. I work in his district and a majority of my friends live there as well. I've already let them know about this phone call and most have agreed to pass the word along to their friends and family. Many are being referred to my blog for information. Since congress is unwilling to do anything about it, why are they there? What exactly do they do? I've always been told if there is an issue, write your congressman.

Remember the old saying in customer service "if a customer has a great experience, they tell 4 friends. If they have a bad experience they tell everyone".

Here's a link too Congressman John Kline's website

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