Thursday, October 8, 2009

False Child Sexual Assault

If you have been following my blog, you know that I also follow other blogs. I find a lot of my information by reading up on what is happening with the military and in the world in general. I read a blog about false rape reporting and it's impact on society. The Hoefstra and Duke Lacrosse cases are discussed, but the site I visited was mostly 2 women spouting off about "false rape allegations should not influence the reporting and handling of real cases". Well, I hate to break it to them...IT DOES. When a child is involved, the accused is always guilty until proven innocent.

The lies from these children not only make it harder for someone who has actually been raped to initiate a report but those liars (once they are exposed or grow a concience) have already done damage to the person accused by ruining their lives. Most are locked up without a backwards glance by over zealous, ass-kissing investigators and prosecutors who don't care how many innocent people get locked up because they still receive a paycheck.

Does this sound familiar?

So after giving my two cents, I looked up some sites that were mentioned on the net. I googled "false allegations of child sexual assault" and got some surprising results. Wikipedia was at the top of the list and stated:

"A false allegation of child sexual abuse is an accusation that a person committed one or more acts of child sexual abuse when in reality there was no perpetration of abuse of the accused person as alleged. Such accusations can be brought by the victim, or by a person on the alleged victim's behalf. Of the allegations proven to be false, ONLY A SMALL PORTION ORIGINATED WITH THE CHILD, the study showed MOST FALSE ALLEGATIONS ORIGINATED WITH AN ADULT BRINGING THE ACCUSATIONS ON BEHALF OF THE CHILD and of those were during divorce/custody battles."

"A false allegation can occur as a result of intentional lying on the part of the accuser or unintentionally due to confabulation , either arising spontaneously or resulting from SUGGESTIVE QUESTIONING or COACHING."

"Denial of abuse by the accused is not easily accepted. There are higher rates of false reporting because of suggestive questioning. Children appear to rarely make up false allegations of their own accord but will make false allegations if coercively questioned by individuals who believe that abuse has occurred but refuse to accept the children's statements that they were not abused".

Ok, so as most of you already know, the child who accused Edwin of raping, sodomizing and assaulting her in front of Edwin's ex-wife, was told by her mother to blame Edwin in front of a witness. That witness told NCIS that the child refused to give any ones name but would only state "my mommy would be mad because it's bad". This same child went to court and told the judge that she was never raped, and she never accused Edwin's ex-wife of witnessing this alleged assault-even though in her recorded interview she accused her mother's friend (and Edwin's ex-wife) of witnessing the sexual assault. The ex-wife was never questioned, and didn't find out about the allegations until the first day of trial.

The ex-wife's daughter was the witness who the allegations made by the mother of this child was at trial but not allowed to testify because the witness knew that the family of this little girl and the child herself were going to lie. This was later confirmed by the witnesses mother in 2 e-mails to me earlier this year.

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