Thursday, October 22, 2009

My letter from James W. Houck, Vice Admiral, JAGC, US Navy

I sent off letters in August to the Secretary of the Navy and advised him that things that went on in Edwin's investigation/trial were in direct violation of DoD Directives and Secretary of the Navy instructions (SECNAV), most of which I have posted on my blog.

On Monday October 19th, I got a response from Vice Admiral James W. Houck. The letter is dated 10/7/09 and he stated:

Dear Mrs. Ehlers:

This responds to your letter of August 8, 2009 to the Secretary of the Navy, requesting that he inquire into matters relating to the conviction of your husband, Private Edwin Ehlers, US Marine Corps. The Secretary of the Navy has directed me to answer your letter on his behalf.

It is my understanding that your husband is seeking additional appellate review before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Accordingly, because appellate review is ongoing, it would be inappropriate for the Secretary of the Navy to comment specifically on issues before the court. Please note that if your husband is not satisfied with the results if his appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, he has the right, pursuant to the Secretary of the Navy Instruction 5815.3J, to seek clemency and parole through the Navy and Marine Corps Clemency and Parole Board.

If you have any information that would either assist your husband in his appeal, or support a petition to the Navy and Clemency Parole Board, I encourage you to contact your husband's appellate civilian or military counsel.

As a separate matter I note that the Office of the Judge Advocate General and the Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant of the Marine Corps have thoroughly reviewed your claims concerning the counsel involved in your husband's case and have provided a direct response to you concerning the outcome of that review process.


James W. Houck
Vice Admiral, JAGC, U.S. Navy
Judge Advocate General

What a fucking joke! And it took 2 months to get a response? I've seen mold grow faster than the military giving me a response to this issue.

First of all, I HAVE provided this to the courts-both the NMCCA and CAAF (where Edwin's case is now pending and the judge's "mistake" of admitting that this brat and her parents are liars), I mean that Judge Maksym believed that her parents "coached" her into saying these things.

I wonder how the Navy is going to feel when the truth finally comes out?

Yes, I understand that his case in pending for review, but that's not the only information in the letter. I specifically looked up SECNAVINST 5520.3B-Criminal and Security Investigations and Related Activities Withing the Department of the Navy and told them exactly what was violated. Obviously these JAG idiots need more training, especially if I was able to 1. find instructions and 2. understand them. Come on people, they are written in plain english. Maybe reading and comprehension isn't a requirement to become a Judge Advocate???

As far as specifically commenting on the issues I mentioned, of course they don't-that's the first step to admitting fault. With the mention of the parole board-that's a joke in and of itself. The name Clemency and Parole Board should make you laugh. There's no way they will touch this. If just one person admits something was wrong (which Judge Maksym DID point out) then it's a total downward spiral from there.

Edwin's attorney's have BOTH been advised of what is going on and 1 encourages me to "do my own thing". I have given him permission to speak to the press and also Senator Amy Klobuchar.

I would have to say I love the reference at the end (trying to put me in my place) about that the SJA's and Commandant reviewed the case and given me a direct response. You bet their asses they did, signatures and all, I saved the letters. They are being added to information I kept for the submission of my lawsuit I am putting together against the Department of the Navy including the Judge Advocate General, NCIS, and the Marine Corps.

I can only hope that my response to Vice Admiral Houck is reviewed and he sees fit to look at my blog.

Here's a big FUCK YOU to the Judge Advocate General. You don't want to do your JOB then I'll go public. These people may want to review not only the information on my blog, but also look up JAGINST 5890.1A-Administrative Processing and Consideration of Claims on Behalf of and Against the Unites States. A refresher course under JAGINST 1500.1A-Professional Development Program may not hurt either.

Remember, it's only defamation of character if you can prove what I've been saying isn't true. Since they don't have the documentation to back up the child's story (because her parents fabricated it for her) the military and this family can't do a damn thing.

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