Thursday, November 26, 2009

All DoD Directives, JAGINST, NAVMEDCOM, Federal/State Laws the Marine Corps and NCIS have violated

Lately I've been asked to clarify all the instructions that these people violated to convict Edwin. Here is the list (which by the way, gets longer daily).

Sexual Assault Victim Intervention (SAVI) Program-dated March 23, 1998

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Procedures-dated June 23, 2006 is an update from 2004 (still applicable because the case was still in the investigation stage at this point)

VA/SARC Training manuals,%20MCIO,%20&%20Legal%20in%20SA.pdf

Family Advocacy Program dated 8/23/04 updated from 1992

SECNAVINST 5520.3b dated January 4, 1993

SECNAVINST 5520.4b dated August 2, 1989 page 4, Section 11

SECNAVINST 5527.2 dated April 25, 1994

COMNAVLEGSVCCOMINST 5800.1e dated February 19, 2002

DoD Directive 1030.01 dated April 13, 2004

DoD Directive 5525.7 dated January 22, 1985 (updated in 2007)

DoD Directive 6400.1-M dated August 1992 (updated August 2007)

California Mandatory Reporting Requirements dated January 1996 updated in 2009 (military alleges the sexual assault took place in CA)

DoD Directive 5525.5 dated January 15, 1986

18 U.S.C. Sec 2258 (covers violations made by NCIS and CO of the father of victim)

42 U.S.C. Sec 13031 (covers hospital reporting requirements)

JAGINST 5803.1C dated November 9, 2004 (Major Plummer not reporting fraud, UCI, etc)

NAVMEDCOMINST 6310.3 dated April 21, 1989

Obviously the last 27 month since Edwin's conviction has not gone to waste. This is just a brief overview of all the violations that have been discovered, reported to military officials and simply ignored. I add to these daily as I find more and more things that the Marine Corps, Navy and NCIS didn't do because they felt they didn't have to.

Some of these have been updated, but I'm interested in the ones that were in place between the first report in June 2004 through the conviction in August 2007. Some are applicable to whom I have reported these violations to.