Saturday, January 23, 2010

2009 Commander's Quick Reference Handbook for Legal Issues

I recently came across this manual and searched for the most up-to-date version.  This is it:

On page 1, it states:

 Report of offences (complaints) to the Commanding Officer MUST be investigated.  The degree of the investigation depends on the offense.  Manditory report to NCIS, whether occuring on or off base and regardless on civilian law enforcement involvement include actual, suspected or alleged major criminal offenses and all instances of fraud against the United States within the Navy and Marine Corps.  Fraud against the United States involves "intentional deception designed to unlawfully deprive the United States of something of value or to seek from the U.S. a benefit, privledge, allowence or consideration to which a person is not entitled (e.g. false statements).

Having said this, the United States was deprived of Edwin being active duty by the lies of this family.  There by, committing fraud against the United States.  Meanwhile this family has (more than likely) received compensation for making these false official statements to NCIS during an investigation and perjury during a court martial proceeding.  Yet they go unpunished.

I have, as of today, sent out a letter (will have more about it later after I receive a response) that details exactly how the father of this little girl committed perjury and gave a false official statement to NCIS.  I also looked under the US code and discovered that the statute of limitations have not run out on it either but that if it is brought before a court martial he could spend quite a few years in prison.

The letter gave the names of people who this father alleged he spoke to the night he took his child to the Beaufort Naval Hospital.  How as he alleges, he sat there for hours without his child being treated and after she told him that Edwin did not do anything to her he was allowed to sign her out of the emergency room and take her home.  I even stated in the letter the father of this child admitted to NCIS in his sworn statement and to the court that he told his Commanding Officer in the Chaplains office that his daughter said she was sexually assaulted and that this Commanding Officer, being part of the Sexual Assault Victims Intervention Program FAILED to make the required report of these allegations to the PMO (as required BY LAW) and also failed to make an OPREP-3 SIR report to an Echelon 2 Commander within the 24 hour REQUIRED time frame.