Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is not what the blog was intended for when Angela started it.  It was to bring out the TRUTH, not start a war of words between people who could care less about each other.  My earlier comments come from my frustration about this situation and the lack of help from any direction.

The TRUTH of the matter is Edwin is locked up for a crime he did not commit.  You know it, your mother knows it and most of all Paul and Stacey know it.  I fell you and your mother are covering up for Paul and Stacey's lies.

Your mother left Mike a voicemail when he contacted her last year.  She told him that you and her would not help Edwin and that she wanted him to leave the two of you alone.  The two of you wanted nothing to do with helping at all.  Angela e-mailed me a copy of it after Mike sent it to her.

I am proud of the fact that you refused to get on the stand and not lie as you stated in your comment, but if you do know something please contact Mike.  I have been left holding the bag on this because Angela is out of the picture now.  2 1/2 years of stress was too much for her to deal with.  She had to think of herself and the children for once and not anything else.  No she is not perfect, but she hung on as long as she could.  She will not speak to me or give me any information either.  So I am still trying to piece together things as they come.

As I said before this blog is about the TRUTH and bringing the TRUTH out.  If you have any information that will help exonerate Edwin, please feel free to come forward, but I would appreciate it if you would keep your petty little comments to yourself if you have none. 


Saturday, February 27, 2010



This is Elizabeth, Edwin's mother.  I am running this blog now.  The information about your family came from you mother, the drug addict.  I told Angela the information your mother gave me the day I paid 3500.00 to get you and your brother back with your low-life mother.  You might remember, it's the same day that I paid 250.00 to keep your grandmother, another drug addict, out of jail for writing bad checks.  This all happened at the Walker County courthouse about 30 minutes before we saw the judge.

Tell me why didn't you testify at the trial?