Saturday, February 27, 2010



This is Elizabeth, Edwin's mother.  I am running this blog now.  The information about your family came from you mother, the drug addict.  I told Angela the information your mother gave me the day I paid 3500.00 to get you and your brother back with your low-life mother.  You might remember, it's the same day that I paid 250.00 to keep your grandmother, another drug addict, out of jail for writing bad checks.  This all happened at the Walker County courthouse about 30 minutes before we saw the judge.

Tell me why didn't you testify at the trial?


Anonymous said...

this is Gloria Randi's mother
yeah i did have a issue with a drug not drugs and was off of it b4 i ever met you son. and if your going to talk about all the money you should get all facts straight wasn't walker county. and you didn't pay 250.00 MR Ehlers paid a 100.00 of it so there is that . and randi didn't take the stand against eddie because so many years had passed she couldn't remember what that little girl had said

Randi said...

Well I have no problem saying that i didnt take the stand because i was not goin to lie. And that is what is posted all over this blog. I also told Eddies lawyer that i would do whatever I could to help him out as he had contacted me over MySpace after the trail had taken place.

And if you felt like my mother was a low life why did you and your family help her get us back. I have no problem with you and never have. Until you started talkin crap about us on this blog. I think it is silly to punish someone for mistakes they made in the past. Yes she may have a drug problem before she met Eddie but that was in the past and before she got us back thanks in large part to yall. So thanks for that but you should realize that no on is perfect not you and not Eddie or his new wife. I dont say bad things about you because you like girls...I mean what good would that do? You know. I mean put the facts up here all day if you want but the fact of the past before your son and my mom having to do with the fact that he is in jail now and it sure as hell wont help get him out!