Saturday, March 6, 2010

Statement from Edwin "Eddie" Ehlers

This statement was prepared by my son, Edwin Ehlers for this blog and his case.

Everyone is using this blog to air their dirty laundry and argue about stuff that is not important to my case. 

Here is what I want everyone to know,

Gloria is playing my sister for a fool.  She has lied about wanting to help, but when my attorney contacted her, she stated that she was moving on with her life and did not want to be bothered anymore.  I know Gloria and Stacey are still friends, I'm not stupid and neither is Anne.  So either help and talk to Mike about what you know or go away, but remember that either way I'm not coming back to you.  It's over and has been for several years.  Anne can't give you any information to feed to Stacey and Paul about my case because I cut her off when she admitted that you and her were friends again.

Randi, thank you for sticking to your principles and not getting on the stand to lie but you also did not tell the truth about what you saw and heard the day Stacey told her daughter to blame me for the alleged crime.  You may have told NCIS in June 2004 what really happened, but at the trial you didn't tell the court about the lies that family said about me.

None of you can begin to understand what I have gone through the last 2 1/2 years and I hope that you never have to.  Being wrongfully convicted for a crime, where there are numerous people who know I didn't commit the crime, and not having any of you come forward with the information you know makes you no better than Paul and Stacey themselves.

I don't get to see my kids, I 'm also not allowed to talk to them over the phone or write them letters.  I'm also not allowed to get pictures of them anymore.  I don't get to see them grow up and my baby girl doesn't even know me.  My son suffers daily from seperation anxiety now thanks to all of you.  I hope you can live with yourself after all of this because obviously you can't feel guilt otherwise you wouldn't hesitate to come forward and tell what you know. 

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Ransi Hester said...

This case has nothing to do with a scorned ex wife. You people clearly are missing the fact that is was the court that found him guilty. Not her.

Sincerely. That scored exwifes daughter.