Saturday, May 29, 2010

Letter from Commander Kathleen Kerrigan

My first letter from Commander Kathleen Kerrigan at the Transient Personnel Unit, San diego was received in April.  here is what it said:

Dear Mrs. Ehlers:

Your letter dated 16 March 2010 was forwarded ot this command and received 26 March 2010.  The United states Navy takes allegations of this nature seriously and your submissions were carefully considered.  The evidence you submitted is insufficient to substantiate a finding of misconduct and, therefore, does not warrant firther investigation.

If you have Any further questions concerning this matter, please feel free to call my Staff Judge Advocate, LCDR Mary Pohanka at (number)

K.A. Kerrigan

Ok, not big deal.  She doesn't state in there if she forwarded it to NCIS right?  So I wrote back to her and advised her that if she did not forward the information to NCIS as required, she woudl be in violation of the UCMJ.  I gave her 14 days from receipt of my letter to complete this.  I got this letter yesterday dater 25 May 2010.

Dear Mrs. Ehlers:

I received your letter dated 7 May 2010 regarding your allegations of misconduct committed by Paul.  To clarify my earlier letter dated 19 April 2010, the information you provided in March 2010 was in fact submitted to Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS).  NCIS did not find sufficient evidence to warrant further investigation.  If you are unsatisfied with their response please contact NCIS directly.  Specifically, Special Agent Sam Slyen at (number).

Lastly, Paul is no longer a member of this command.  He is currently stationed at Naval Base Coronado (NBC).  I have copied the Commanding Officer of NBC to inform him of this situation.


K.A. Kerrigan

Interesting that they would decline a command investigation only after this pedophile was out of their command?  Of course NCIS would decline to investigate.  They are the ones who fucked this up in the first place.  No report to the Family Advocacy Program and required, they didn't check to see if Paul had actually visited the hospital (which according to the child's medical record AND the sign in and out for the night of June 2, 2004, the child was never there), and Special Agent Eric Muelenberg-who by the way admitted at trial to tampering with evidence-no kidding they won't investigate my claims even with all the documentation I have. 

NCIS won't admit that some of thier agents did a less-than-adequate job of completing the simple task at hand.  Tell me how hard is it to do the job at hand?  And do a thorogh job at that?  Apparently for the "Special" Agents involved in this case, it was extremely difficult to follow DoD Directives and NCIS' own policies not to mention federal laws.  Sounds like these people need a few more lessons in basic investigation skills.

I wonder, would these "Special" Agents remember their names if they weren't printed on their shiny badges?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Monday, more letters will be sent to off to the Marine Corps.  This time I'm reporting Paul's commander, Kathleen Kerrigan and her SJA for violating directives by refusing to report the fraud that Paul has committed.  I have a few other letters, going to other places, and I'll go into more details about those later.

Right now I'm trying to relax a little.  Since January, I have tracked Paul through 3 commands, written numerous letters to make sure that the fraud was reported to NCIS as required, and made several new contacts within the military along the way.   I am getting all the documentation together for the lawsuit (which should be filed shortly).  I'm just waiting on a response to a recent letter I sent.  Once that comes back, the attorney will file and then we wait until the court date.

I wonder how the Marine Corps and Navy will feel when some of their own are named in the lawsuit.  Since August 2007, I have gathered names of high ranking military officials who know what Paul, Stacey and NCIS did, they have acknowledged an issue but refused to correct it.

In case there is any doubt, everything that I have printed on here is true.  I have the documentation to prove what I have written.  If by chance, someone out there, (and you know who you are since you and your family have been watching my blog closely) can dispute any of the facts I have written, please feel free to deny any of the allegations against you.  Be prepared to show proof in the form of court documents, hospital records, DoD Directives, and whatever else you care to fabricate to prove your point.  I have nothing to hide and am willing to share with the world proof of the lies you have told against my husband and my suspicions as to why you told those lies.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Revenge is sweet......

If you have been following along with what has recently developed, you will already know that I have tracked Paul through 3 commands-Parris Island, USS New Orleans and finally found him at the Transient Personnel Unit in San Diego.  I have contacted his Commander, Kathleen Kerrigan and advised her that he has committed perjury (2 times), given NCIS a false official statement, and by allowing NCIS and the prosecution to use his statements at trial, also committed fraud.  All of which are in violation of the UCMJ Art 107- False Official Statements, Art 131-Perjury and Art 132-Frauds against the United States.

Commander Kerrigan and her SJA wrote me a letter dated April 19 and said that they would not report this fraud to NCIS as per SECNAVINST 5430.107 (series).  Now, I wrote back and have given them 14 days from reciept of my letter to report this fraud, which was received on May 10.  If they do not comply, I have every intention of reporting this through their chain of command and making it public that they, themselves, are in violation of UCMJ Art 78-Accessory after the fact, Art 81-Conspiracy, Art 92-Failure to obey and order or regulation, and Art 133 Conduct Unbecoming.

Just today I received news via my own information system, Stacey and Paul are moving again, only this time back to Beaufort, SC.  Apparently, Paul is going to yet another command. 

If I were to believe this, this would mean that the United States Navy is moving Paul again so his current commander, Kathleen Kerrigan, doesn't have to make this mandatory report to NCIS.  This would also mean that the United States Navy is now hiding said pedophile by allowing him to continually change commands because he just came from Beaufort, SC in December 2009.

What to do???

Well as I said above, if I were to believe this, it would make for a very interesting addition to my lawsuit.  Since I don't believe it (without any actual proof yet), I'm going to take this information with a grain of salt.  I happen to know that Paul was questioned by his command regarding the documentation I submitted and also my allegations, which is why Stacey is "freaking out" regarding these allegations being brought against her and Paul. 

I've also seen that the alleged victim, age 12 this year and possibly instructed by her mother, recently removed all pictures of her posing with other men and their families from her public myspace page (which by the way, now reads that she is 23 years old-apparently she is aging quite rapidly).

It would be easier if Paul and Stacey would just admit they lied.  They can't keep these lies a secret forever.  It's in the public view and the military knows about them.  Why continue this charade?  Why continue to wake everyday telling themselves that eventually I'll just go away and they will have their happy lives back flying right under the radar.

News flash Paul and Stacey, I'm not going away.  No matter where they go (whether in or out of the miltiary) I will make sure that they are reminded daily of what they have done.  Including the lives ruined and the lies to told.

Stop trying to fight the inevitable.  They will be caught and they will go to prison.  For every letter I write and receive the response to, I add to my collection for Edwin's lawsuit.  Now that Paul's current command is aware of the allegations, this will go back to NCIS.  NCIS will then be able to see what I have told them all along:

-Paul never went to the Beaufort Naval hospital with his daughter as alleged

-Paul lied under oath in his sworn statement to NCIS June 3, 2004

-Stacey's statement to NCIS regarding her daughter's medical exam after meeting Edwin and his ex-wife Gloria (also used to help solidify allegations against Edwin) actually took place in December 2001 not after June 2002 when Paul and Stacey met Gloria.  I have copies of the child's medical records.

-Family advocacy Program (DoD Directive 6400.1) was not involved at any point with the investigation.  Also the local police and child protective services were never involved (partly due to the fact Paul was never at hospital with daughter and that NCIS failed to make the required report).

-Randi told NCIS that Stacey told the child to blame Edwin (In NCIS documentation)

This would certainly blow their case and investigation apart and finally, Edwin would have his justice he deserves.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


In January I wrote to Brigadier General Padilla at Parris Island, MCRD and let him know that Paul, the father of the alleged victim, gave a false official statement during an NCIS investigation, perjured himself while at trial in August 2007 and also committed fraud against the United States by allowing the government to use his statements as fact, when he knew the statements were a lie.

Being the base commander, Brigadier General Padilla, is required to report all incidents of fraud, perjury and false official statements that come across his desk.  I awaited a response to the infomation and documentation I provided him until the letter I received on February 24th.  His letter states:

Dear Mrs. Ehlers:

I received your letter dated 22 January 2010 concerning the general court-martial and convition of your husband, Sergeant Edwin A. Ehlers, II.  Your letter expresses belief that there were "false official statements(s), perjury, and fraud against the United States committed by a man who is stationed at Parris Island MCRD."  You also listed what you believe was a violation committed by another member of this command.

This command takes pride in our members possessing and displaying the highest values expected of all service members, including courage and integrity, and instilling those same values in the young men and women we train.  To this end, we rouinely investigate and prosecute any substantiated violations of the laws, regulations, or ethical standards by members of this command.

After a thorough search, I have concluded that neither of the individuals whom you allege committed these violations are currently members of this command, whether stationed at Marine Corps Recurit Depot, Parris Island, South carolina or the Eastern Recruiting Region.  As a result, I am unable to act upon these alleged offences.

F.M. Padilla
Brigadier General
Commanding General

So, after reading this, it got me thinking...either Paul is now out of the Navy (which would make it a hell of alot easier to have him prosecuted for this BS game he and his wife are playing) or he was stationed somewhere else.  I picked that he was stationed somewhere else, because if the Navy has hidden what he has done thus far, he wouldn't want to leave them right?  I started looking and found out that he was attached to another command and working at Miramar in Southern California.  California being the place that his daughter, the alleged victim, couldn't go back to because of all the trauma that happened to her out her father, if it happened at all.

That night I wrote to the Miramar Base Commander, Colonel Richie and Chaplain Wesley Sloat.  I sent them all the information I included to Brigadier General Padilla, and also included the response that I had received.  I sent it out and got a response from Colonel Richie's SJA the other day.

Paul is not attached to a Marine Command at Miramar, but working at one of the offices there.  As of that letter he was attached to a ship that is a port in San Diego.  The SJA gave me the ship's quarter deck number to get the mailing address.  So, after a few google searched later, I found the ships website and got the information I needed.

I printed out yet another letter, this time addressed to Commander Oakey apprising him of the current situation and included the paper trail I was amassing while trying to locate Paul.  The letter was sent out and just today I received a response from Commander Oakey. 

Paul transferred from the USS New Orleans to the Transient Personnel Unit, Naval Base San Diego on Januray 8, 2010.  Commander Oakey gave he a contact name and number to find Paul's current command information.  I have spoken to a man (who I won't name because he's not involved at this point) said he was going to have to look in some paperwork to locate Paul becasue he checked out of TPU.

My letter and information was forwarded to Paul's CO, Commander Kathleen Kerrigan.  She and her SJA sent me a letter dated April 19.  They clearly stated that they were not going to report the fraud, perjury and false official statement to anyone.  Well here's some news for them.  This past Friday, I sent my respone.  I clearly told Commander Kerrigan that if the fraud was not reported to NCIS, she and her SJA would be in violation of the UCMJ and also applicable SECNAVINST and DOD Directives.  I told her that she has 14 days from the receipt of this letter to comply with the laws and directives or I would report her to her superiors.  My letter was reveived on May 10 at 11:16 AM.  The count down has begun for the 14 days (and I'm not talking about business days either).

I also asked her if she was acting on advice from her SJA, or if she was defying the directives on her own.  I plainly advised her that if she was acting on her SJA's advice, she may want to get her updated training with regards to the mandatory reporting requirements of fraud.  I'm anxiously awaiting the response.

I sure hope Paul "appreciates" the all the time, energy, and effort (not to mention the electric bill from all the searches I've had to do recently) I'm going through to have his ass in a sling for the lies he, his wife Stacey and their daughter told against my husband.  I can only hope that the military finally put the right person(s) in prison for this crime.

I have taken a poll among family and friends, all of whom KNOW from the paperwork I've collected over the last 2 1/2 years, and they believe it's Paul, the childs father, who was touching her before ever meeting my husband and judging by the child's medical record, I'd say they were right.  The general consensus agrees that Stacey either approves or is turning a blind eye to the situation so as to keep her happy little family and all military benefits intact at the cost of her daughter. 

If you know the child in question, you may want to look up her PUBLIC myspace page, where she states she is 22 years old and has several pictures on the site of herself posing with various men and their families.  Stacey, her mother can not claim ignorance to her daughter's online activites as she (Stacey) is listed as her daughter's number 1 friend.

Why would a child of 12 advertise herself as a 22 year old woman under the "protective and watchful eye" of her mother and father, open herself up to online predators in full view of her parents, unless they themselves are the predators???

I only have one thing to say about this whole situation.

You can't hide behind your lies forever.  When the truth comes out about what Stacey has allowed her husband to do to her daughter, and rest assured it will come out, BOTH of them will go to prison for a very, very long time.

I myself, will be sitting front row during Paul's court-martial with a shit-eating grin on my face while I watch their world fall apart as mine did.  I will then leave that court room and dance in the parking lot on the way to my car, the same as Stacey and her family did when leaving court that August afternoon.

I will get to go home to my family knowing that her husband Paul, will only see the inside of an 8x10 cell for the next 25 years (if he's lucky and doesn't get more for his role in all of this).

Turnabout is fair play.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Side Note

Sorry, I've been "away" for a little bit.  I needed to take care of some personal things on my sabbatical.  I have been watching the blog, and reading the responses.  It's interesting that the ex and her daughter would post something on my personal blog (which I keep public for all intent and purposes) only after they were under the assumption that my husband Edwin and I were getting divorced. 

Interesting indeed.

Though this was meant to post the truth about what really happened and not for the petty arguments that were trying to be played out in this never-ending drama, it seems to have taken a minor detour for the worst (and I mean it in the nicest way for said ex and daughter).  Although, I am interested to know which one had the possession of the single brain that they obviously both share on the day said posts were made?

This is to Randi, the ex-step daughter and Gloria the ex-wife.

Randi made it clear in her online statement that she was not going to get on the stand at the trial and lie about what really happened.  So, Randi, what really did happen?  Since you were the first point of contact this child had, and you told NCIS in June 2004 (refrencing the Record of Trial at this point) that Stacey told her daughter that it was in fact Edwin that did these things to her since the child would not name the person who did it, what lies are you referring to?

Was it the lies that the child herself told the court?  Or the lies that her father, Paul, stated to NCIS in his sworn statement and at trial regarding the alleged hospital visit?  Don't fret, I already know Paul didn't take his daughter to the hospital on June 2, 2004.  I have written documentation regarding that little (and well known) fact.  Or was it possibly that your mother and Stacey cooked up this scheme to get back at Edwin for divorcing you mother and leaving her broke and made your uncle and grandmother leave Camp Pendleton when he stopped sponsoring them to stay at base housing? 

The only reason I ask the last question is because Stacey told the court and NCIS (in her sworn statement) that the 2 of you had been up all night long (meaning the night before the child said someone touched her) talking about your mother and her financial problems since Edwin and her seperated (referencing again, the Record of Trial).  Were you involved in this scheme to help convict and innocent man for a crime he didn't commit?  Was this Stacey's idea to help your mother?  Or did your mother think of this on her own? 

I'm going to assume that you were innocent in this wrongful conviction and played like a fiddle by either Stacey or your mother, maybe even both.  I'm not willing to put the blame strictly on your mother, because, let's face it, at trial when she was asked if she witnessed anything regarding the child's allegations (because the child accused your mother of walking in on the alleged sexual assault).  You mother said she didn't know anything about the accusation and she stated that the child was being untruthful (again, referencing the Record of trial).

Intersting that she wouldn't have been notified of being accused 3 years after the initial report stating she was a witness by either NCIS or her "best friend" Stacey.  In fact, if I remember correctly (and let me tell you I have a WONDERFUL memory) you mother pulled Stacey aside on August 20, 2007 after her testimony and yelled at stacey regarding the accusation.  Apparently, your mother was extremely upset that her name was even brought up with regards to this accusation.  Was this the lie you were referring to? 

I also realize that with the intellegence level equivenlant to that of a 2nd grader (sorry if I'm offending any 2nd graders) that some words here may need to be looked up by (and may I recommend wikipedia), those of you that this is directed to, I'm sure someone can help you look up in the dictionary any words that you do not understand here (perhaps someone outside of your gene pool).

I apologize to the other readers of my blog.  This will be the last personally directed entry in this blog, since this blog is intended for the truth and only the trush as to what has happened before, during and after Edwin's wrongful conviction.