Saturday, May 29, 2010

Letter from Commander Kathleen Kerrigan

My first letter from Commander Kathleen Kerrigan at the Transient Personnel Unit, San diego was received in April.  here is what it said:

Dear Mrs. Ehlers:

Your letter dated 16 March 2010 was forwarded ot this command and received 26 March 2010.  The United states Navy takes allegations of this nature seriously and your submissions were carefully considered.  The evidence you submitted is insufficient to substantiate a finding of misconduct and, therefore, does not warrant firther investigation.

If you have Any further questions concerning this matter, please feel free to call my Staff Judge Advocate, LCDR Mary Pohanka at (number)

K.A. Kerrigan

Ok, not big deal.  She doesn't state in there if she forwarded it to NCIS right?  So I wrote back to her and advised her that if she did not forward the information to NCIS as required, she woudl be in violation of the UCMJ.  I gave her 14 days from receipt of my letter to complete this.  I got this letter yesterday dater 25 May 2010.

Dear Mrs. Ehlers:

I received your letter dated 7 May 2010 regarding your allegations of misconduct committed by Paul.  To clarify my earlier letter dated 19 April 2010, the information you provided in March 2010 was in fact submitted to Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS).  NCIS did not find sufficient evidence to warrant further investigation.  If you are unsatisfied with their response please contact NCIS directly.  Specifically, Special Agent Sam Slyen at (number).

Lastly, Paul is no longer a member of this command.  He is currently stationed at Naval Base Coronado (NBC).  I have copied the Commanding Officer of NBC to inform him of this situation.


K.A. Kerrigan

Interesting that they would decline a command investigation only after this pedophile was out of their command?  Of course NCIS would decline to investigate.  They are the ones who fucked this up in the first place.  No report to the Family Advocacy Program and required, they didn't check to see if Paul had actually visited the hospital (which according to the child's medical record AND the sign in and out for the night of June 2, 2004, the child was never there), and Special Agent Eric Muelenberg-who by the way admitted at trial to tampering with evidence-no kidding they won't investigate my claims even with all the documentation I have. 

NCIS won't admit that some of thier agents did a less-than-adequate job of completing the simple task at hand.  Tell me how hard is it to do the job at hand?  And do a thorogh job at that?  Apparently for the "Special" Agents involved in this case, it was extremely difficult to follow DoD Directives and NCIS' own policies not to mention federal laws.  Sounds like these people need a few more lessons in basic investigation skills.

I wonder, would these "Special" Agents remember their names if they weren't printed on their shiny badges?