Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Monday, more letters will be sent to off to the Marine Corps.  This time I'm reporting Paul's commander, Kathleen Kerrigan and her SJA for violating directives by refusing to report the fraud that Paul has committed.  I have a few other letters, going to other places, and I'll go into more details about those later.

Right now I'm trying to relax a little.  Since January, I have tracked Paul through 3 commands, written numerous letters to make sure that the fraud was reported to NCIS as required, and made several new contacts within the military along the way.   I am getting all the documentation together for the lawsuit (which should be filed shortly).  I'm just waiting on a response to a recent letter I sent.  Once that comes back, the attorney will file and then we wait until the court date.

I wonder how the Marine Corps and Navy will feel when some of their own are named in the lawsuit.  Since August 2007, I have gathered names of high ranking military officials who know what Paul, Stacey and NCIS did, they have acknowledged an issue but refused to correct it.

In case there is any doubt, everything that I have printed on here is true.  I have the documentation to prove what I have written.  If by chance, someone out there, (and you know who you are since you and your family have been watching my blog closely) can dispute any of the facts I have written, please feel free to deny any of the allegations against you.  Be prepared to show proof in the form of court documents, hospital records, DoD Directives, and whatever else you care to fabricate to prove your point.  I have nothing to hide and am willing to share with the world proof of the lies you have told against my husband and my suspicions as to why you told those lies.

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