Friday, May 14, 2010

Revenge is sweet......

If you have been following along with what has recently developed, you will already know that I have tracked Paul through 3 commands-Parris Island, USS New Orleans and finally found him at the Transient Personnel Unit in San Diego.  I have contacted his Commander, Kathleen Kerrigan and advised her that he has committed perjury (2 times), given NCIS a false official statement, and by allowing NCIS and the prosecution to use his statements at trial, also committed fraud.  All of which are in violation of the UCMJ Art 107- False Official Statements, Art 131-Perjury and Art 132-Frauds against the United States.

Commander Kerrigan and her SJA wrote me a letter dated April 19 and said that they would not report this fraud to NCIS as per SECNAVINST 5430.107 (series).  Now, I wrote back and have given them 14 days from reciept of my letter to report this fraud, which was received on May 10.  If they do not comply, I have every intention of reporting this through their chain of command and making it public that they, themselves, are in violation of UCMJ Art 78-Accessory after the fact, Art 81-Conspiracy, Art 92-Failure to obey and order or regulation, and Art 133 Conduct Unbecoming.

Just today I received news via my own information system, Stacey and Paul are moving again, only this time back to Beaufort, SC.  Apparently, Paul is going to yet another command. 

If I were to believe this, this would mean that the United States Navy is moving Paul again so his current commander, Kathleen Kerrigan, doesn't have to make this mandatory report to NCIS.  This would also mean that the United States Navy is now hiding said pedophile by allowing him to continually change commands because he just came from Beaufort, SC in December 2009.

What to do???

Well as I said above, if I were to believe this, it would make for a very interesting addition to my lawsuit.  Since I don't believe it (without any actual proof yet), I'm going to take this information with a grain of salt.  I happen to know that Paul was questioned by his command regarding the documentation I submitted and also my allegations, which is why Stacey is "freaking out" regarding these allegations being brought against her and Paul. 

I've also seen that the alleged victim, age 12 this year and possibly instructed by her mother, recently removed all pictures of her posing with other men and their families from her public myspace page (which by the way, now reads that she is 23 years old-apparently she is aging quite rapidly).

It would be easier if Paul and Stacey would just admit they lied.  They can't keep these lies a secret forever.  It's in the public view and the military knows about them.  Why continue this charade?  Why continue to wake everyday telling themselves that eventually I'll just go away and they will have their happy lives back flying right under the radar.

News flash Paul and Stacey, I'm not going away.  No matter where they go (whether in or out of the miltiary) I will make sure that they are reminded daily of what they have done.  Including the lives ruined and the lies to told.

Stop trying to fight the inevitable.  They will be caught and they will go to prison.  For every letter I write and receive the response to, I add to my collection for Edwin's lawsuit.  Now that Paul's current command is aware of the allegations, this will go back to NCIS.  NCIS will then be able to see what I have told them all along:

-Paul never went to the Beaufort Naval hospital with his daughter as alleged

-Paul lied under oath in his sworn statement to NCIS June 3, 2004

-Stacey's statement to NCIS regarding her daughter's medical exam after meeting Edwin and his ex-wife Gloria (also used to help solidify allegations against Edwin) actually took place in December 2001 not after June 2002 when Paul and Stacey met Gloria.  I have copies of the child's medical records.

-Family advocacy Program (DoD Directive 6400.1) was not involved at any point with the investigation.  Also the local police and child protective services were never involved (partly due to the fact Paul was never at hospital with daughter and that NCIS failed to make the required report).

-Randi told NCIS that Stacey told the child to blame Edwin (In NCIS documentation)

This would certainly blow their case and investigation apart and finally, Edwin would have his justice he deserves.

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gloria said...

if you have documents that proves anything about Randi saying she heard Stacey tell HS to say Edwin did this please show me because i would love to see that. and as for the letter you have doesn't have anything to do with Paul and Stacey. it was so long ago Randi wasn't getting on the stand and say she recalled word for word what HS said and that way she wasn't lying about anything