Monday, May 3, 2010

A Side Note

Sorry, I've been "away" for a little bit.  I needed to take care of some personal things on my sabbatical.  I have been watching the blog, and reading the responses.  It's interesting that the ex and her daughter would post something on my personal blog (which I keep public for all intent and purposes) only after they were under the assumption that my husband Edwin and I were getting divorced. 

Interesting indeed.

Though this was meant to post the truth about what really happened and not for the petty arguments that were trying to be played out in this never-ending drama, it seems to have taken a minor detour for the worst (and I mean it in the nicest way for said ex and daughter).  Although, I am interested to know which one had the possession of the single brain that they obviously both share on the day said posts were made?

This is to Randi, the ex-step daughter and Gloria the ex-wife.

Randi made it clear in her online statement that she was not going to get on the stand at the trial and lie about what really happened.  So, Randi, what really did happen?  Since you were the first point of contact this child had, and you told NCIS in June 2004 (refrencing the Record of Trial at this point) that Stacey told her daughter that it was in fact Edwin that did these things to her since the child would not name the person who did it, what lies are you referring to?

Was it the lies that the child herself told the court?  Or the lies that her father, Paul, stated to NCIS in his sworn statement and at trial regarding the alleged hospital visit?  Don't fret, I already know Paul didn't take his daughter to the hospital on June 2, 2004.  I have written documentation regarding that little (and well known) fact.  Or was it possibly that your mother and Stacey cooked up this scheme to get back at Edwin for divorcing you mother and leaving her broke and made your uncle and grandmother leave Camp Pendleton when he stopped sponsoring them to stay at base housing? 

The only reason I ask the last question is because Stacey told the court and NCIS (in her sworn statement) that the 2 of you had been up all night long (meaning the night before the child said someone touched her) talking about your mother and her financial problems since Edwin and her seperated (referencing again, the Record of Trial).  Were you involved in this scheme to help convict and innocent man for a crime he didn't commit?  Was this Stacey's idea to help your mother?  Or did your mother think of this on her own? 

I'm going to assume that you were innocent in this wrongful conviction and played like a fiddle by either Stacey or your mother, maybe even both.  I'm not willing to put the blame strictly on your mother, because, let's face it, at trial when she was asked if she witnessed anything regarding the child's allegations (because the child accused your mother of walking in on the alleged sexual assault).  You mother said she didn't know anything about the accusation and she stated that the child was being untruthful (again, referencing the Record of trial).

Intersting that she wouldn't have been notified of being accused 3 years after the initial report stating she was a witness by either NCIS or her "best friend" Stacey.  In fact, if I remember correctly (and let me tell you I have a WONDERFUL memory) you mother pulled Stacey aside on August 20, 2007 after her testimony and yelled at stacey regarding the accusation.  Apparently, your mother was extremely upset that her name was even brought up with regards to this accusation.  Was this the lie you were referring to? 

I also realize that with the intellegence level equivenlant to that of a 2nd grader (sorry if I'm offending any 2nd graders) that some words here may need to be looked up by (and may I recommend wikipedia), those of you that this is directed to, I'm sure someone can help you look up in the dictionary any words that you do not understand here (perhaps someone outside of your gene pool).

I apologize to the other readers of my blog.  This will be the last personally directed entry in this blog, since this blog is intended for the truth and only the trush as to what has happened before, during and after Edwin's wrongful conviction. 

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