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In January I wrote to Brigadier General Padilla at Parris Island, MCRD and let him know that Paul, the father of the alleged victim, gave a false official statement during an NCIS investigation, perjured himself while at trial in August 2007 and also committed fraud against the United States by allowing the government to use his statements as fact, when he knew the statements were a lie.

Being the base commander, Brigadier General Padilla, is required to report all incidents of fraud, perjury and false official statements that come across his desk.  I awaited a response to the infomation and documentation I provided him until the letter I received on February 24th.  His letter states:

Dear Mrs. Ehlers:

I received your letter dated 22 January 2010 concerning the general court-martial and convition of your husband, Sergeant Edwin A. Ehlers, II.  Your letter expresses belief that there were "false official statements(s), perjury, and fraud against the United States committed by a man who is stationed at Parris Island MCRD."  You also listed what you believe was a violation committed by another member of this command.

This command takes pride in our members possessing and displaying the highest values expected of all service members, including courage and integrity, and instilling those same values in the young men and women we train.  To this end, we rouinely investigate and prosecute any substantiated violations of the laws, regulations, or ethical standards by members of this command.

After a thorough search, I have concluded that neither of the individuals whom you allege committed these violations are currently members of this command, whether stationed at Marine Corps Recurit Depot, Parris Island, South carolina or the Eastern Recruiting Region.  As a result, I am unable to act upon these alleged offences.

F.M. Padilla
Brigadier General
Commanding General

So, after reading this, it got me thinking...either Paul is now out of the Navy (which would make it a hell of alot easier to have him prosecuted for this BS game he and his wife are playing) or he was stationed somewhere else.  I picked that he was stationed somewhere else, because if the Navy has hidden what he has done thus far, he wouldn't want to leave them right?  I started looking and found out that he was attached to another command and working at Miramar in Southern California.  California being the place that his daughter, the alleged victim, couldn't go back to because of all the trauma that happened to her out her father, if it happened at all.

That night I wrote to the Miramar Base Commander, Colonel Richie and Chaplain Wesley Sloat.  I sent them all the information I included to Brigadier General Padilla, and also included the response that I had received.  I sent it out and got a response from Colonel Richie's SJA the other day.

Paul is not attached to a Marine Command at Miramar, but working at one of the offices there.  As of that letter he was attached to a ship that is a port in San Diego.  The SJA gave me the ship's quarter deck number to get the mailing address.  So, after a few google searched later, I found the ships website and got the information I needed.

I printed out yet another letter, this time addressed to Commander Oakey apprising him of the current situation and included the paper trail I was amassing while trying to locate Paul.  The letter was sent out and just today I received a response from Commander Oakey. 

Paul transferred from the USS New Orleans to the Transient Personnel Unit, Naval Base San Diego on Januray 8, 2010.  Commander Oakey gave he a contact name and number to find Paul's current command information.  I have spoken to a man (who I won't name because he's not involved at this point) said he was going to have to look in some paperwork to locate Paul becasue he checked out of TPU.

My letter and information was forwarded to Paul's CO, Commander Kathleen Kerrigan.  She and her SJA sent me a letter dated April 19.  They clearly stated that they were not going to report the fraud, perjury and false official statement to anyone.  Well here's some news for them.  This past Friday, I sent my respone.  I clearly told Commander Kerrigan that if the fraud was not reported to NCIS, she and her SJA would be in violation of the UCMJ and also applicable SECNAVINST and DOD Directives.  I told her that she has 14 days from the receipt of this letter to comply with the laws and directives or I would report her to her superiors.  My letter was reveived on May 10 at 11:16 AM.  The count down has begun for the 14 days (and I'm not talking about business days either).

I also asked her if she was acting on advice from her SJA, or if she was defying the directives on her own.  I plainly advised her that if she was acting on her SJA's advice, she may want to get her updated training with regards to the mandatory reporting requirements of fraud.  I'm anxiously awaiting the response.

I sure hope Paul "appreciates" the all the time, energy, and effort (not to mention the electric bill from all the searches I've had to do recently) I'm going through to have his ass in a sling for the lies he, his wife Stacey and their daughter told against my husband.  I can only hope that the military finally put the right person(s) in prison for this crime.

I have taken a poll among family and friends, all of whom KNOW from the paperwork I've collected over the last 2 1/2 years, and they believe it's Paul, the childs father, who was touching her before ever meeting my husband and judging by the child's medical record, I'd say they were right.  The general consensus agrees that Stacey either approves or is turning a blind eye to the situation so as to keep her happy little family and all military benefits intact at the cost of her daughter. 

If you know the child in question, you may want to look up her PUBLIC myspace page, where she states she is 22 years old and has several pictures on the site of herself posing with various men and their families.  Stacey, her mother can not claim ignorance to her daughter's online activites as she (Stacey) is listed as her daughter's number 1 friend.

Why would a child of 12 advertise herself as a 22 year old woman under the "protective and watchful eye" of her mother and father, open herself up to online predators in full view of her parents, unless they themselves are the predators???

I only have one thing to say about this whole situation.

You can't hide behind your lies forever.  When the truth comes out about what Stacey has allowed her husband to do to her daughter, and rest assured it will come out, BOTH of them will go to prison for a very, very long time.

I myself, will be sitting front row during Paul's court-martial with a shit-eating grin on my face while I watch their world fall apart as mine did.  I will then leave that court room and dance in the parking lot on the way to my car, the same as Stacey and her family did when leaving court that August afternoon.

I will get to go home to my family knowing that her husband Paul, will only see the inside of an 8x10 cell for the next 25 years (if he's lucky and doesn't get more for his role in all of this).

Turnabout is fair play.

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