Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NCIS Reports of Investigation

I have copies of NCIS documents that state Edwin never admitted to anything.  Special Agent Muelenberg stated that Edwin told him he had "sexual contact" with the child in question in a ROI dated 5/25/05, yet in numerous other NCIS ROI's written AFTER said "admission", the NCIS Special Agents stated that Edwin said no such thing.  Who is lying?  What does the documentation tell?

As a matter of fact, the exact quote is that "s/Ehlers denied the claims made by the (vitcim), s/Ehlers continued to deny any wrongdoing".  So, where is this alleged admission?  Apparently it's on Lexis, and it was taken from the record of trial (and Special Agent Eric Muelenberg's testimony at trial-which if i'm not mistaken is hearsay because no one can corroborate anything that Special Agent Mueleberg said) and the appeals court (where they also viewed the record of trial).  Did you happen to see the dissention from Judge Maksym?  If I remember correctly, he stated that he believed that child was coached by her parents into saying the things she stated at court.  Would this not mean she was lying?

I bet you also didn't read the part where Special Agent Muelenberg ADMITTED to tampering with evidence either did you?  I can guarantee that this was also not published on Lexis along with all the NCIS documents and the proof that this investigation was a one sided witch-hunt to save a religious pedphile from public scruinty.

Saying that I am the wife of a molester and that the child is truly a victim is pitiful.  You may want to rethink this statement.  First of all, Edwin wasn't even living in the home the child alleges all of this happened in.  The child also accused Edwin's ex-wife (and her mother's best friend) of witnessing this alleged act (by the way-the child said on tape she was raped, sodomized and that Gloria, Donna and James all watched).  Yet, at trial, the child recanted her story and said that Edwin never raped her when she was 3 (she still has a hymen) and also that Gloria, James and Donna were never there to witness this alleged act.  What do we believe now?  

The military would have you believe a lot of things.  Obviously you are delusional to believe everything you read.  I personally do not give a shit as to what you believe, the facts speak for themselves, Paul and Stacey lied, they got their daughter to lie and now, my husband-AN INNOCENT MAN, is in prison for those lies.