Sunday, January 9, 2011

Side note...

While going through the 2nd of the 3 lawsuits I am filing, I ran across a letter I sent to Major Clay Plummer in April 2008.  Major Plummer was  the assistant prosecutor is Edwin's case and sat to the side while Capt John E. Y. Ellis fumbled through his case.  I forgot about the document I had found in HS' medical record after I wrote to him, and I have failed to mention it on here.

After Edwin's WRONGFUL conviction, Lt Michael Melocowsky-currently working at the Pentagon-gave me a copy of the case file which had all the inconsistencies in the statements from HS, Petty Officer Paul Skovranko and Mrs. Stacey Skovranko.  In the case file I found a document from HS' medical record dated 12/12/03.  The document is from the ER at the Beaufort Naval Hospital, where Petty Officer Paul Skovranko had taken his daughter HS for a 102 temperature and acute pain.

Now the document doesn't state where the pain was located on the child, but it does state that the Beaufort Naval Hospital suspected the child had been sexually assaulted (possibly by the one who took her to the ER??) and they commenced a domestic assault and sexual assault screen.

This raises a red flag for me.  I have taken my children to the ER numerous times, as most parents have.  At no point has there EVER BEEN A SEXUAL ASSAULT SCREEN OR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SCREEN done on either of my children.  Not once. 

So, why would there be a sexual assault screen and domestic violence screen done on this particular child when her father brought to the ER for pain and a high temp unless they suspected he or his wife of touching HS? 

Mind you, this is months before HS came forward with her allegations stating that "someone" touched her  but refused to give a name and then Stacey told HS it was Edwin who did this to her.  The information is this last paragraph was supplied from Randi Hesters' NCIS statement in June 2004.

This would have been an indicator to NCIS that they may have wanted to look at the family unit first, before accusing an innocent man of this crime.

Since NCIS is incapable of conducting a thorough and impartial investigation, I am not the least bit surprised that this was not flagged for consideration in the document Acquisition of Medical Records.  If NCIS had actually notated this information in any of their records during the course of the investigation, NCIS would have been required to look at Petty Officer Paul Skovranko and his wife Stacey as suspects. 

Admitting that a man, who from articles online, is very active in his community and serves on numerous church boards, was indeed touching his child (and now that she may be too old for him-he could be touching others) would have looked extremely bad for NCIS.

I wonder how they will feel once this is on the local news?  Just some food for thought.....