Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update on the Lawsuit(s)

Today, I have just sent out the required notification to the Office of the Judge Advocate General that I am going to file a 30,000,000 dollar tort claim against the Department of the Navy for the lies that Petty Officer Paul Skovranko, Mrs. Stacey Skovranko and their daughter HS told NCIS investigators and the courts regarding this alleged sexual assault. 

Included in the claim is the following documentation:

Petty Officer Paul Skovranko NEVER took his child to the Beaufort Naval Hospital as he stated to NCIS and the court, which was confirmed by Lt Adam Burch from the Admin Office during a FOIA request regarding the visit and a FOIA to the Family Advocacy Program.

Mrs. Stacey Skovranko's statements at court where she was impeached by the judge and found to be lying about her testimony with regards to Edwin babysitting her child when this alleged sexual assault took place.

Ms. Gloria Ehlers' ( I believe this is the alias she is using at the moment) statements at trial where 3 years after HS accused her of witnessing this alleged sexual assault and Gloria not having any knowledge of the allegation against her, Ms. Gloria Ehlers stated that HS was lying if she told anyone that she (Gloria) was a witness.  Thereby showing HS for the liar she is.  

NCIS Special Agent Eric Muelenberg admitting at trial that he tampered with evidence and  admitted that when Edwin requested an attorney, Special Agent Muelenberg did not terminate the interview (although the actual statement was "omitted" from the record of trial, the military judge-Major B. E. Kasprzyk-commented on the fact that Edwin requested to terminate the interview but he didn't take Special Agent Muelenberg's statements regarding the continuation of the interview into consideration).

NMCCA Judge Maksym, in his dissent stated that there was a 3 yr delay from the first report and preferral of charges to the actual trial.  This is a direct violation of Edwin's Speedy Trial rights.  Judge Maksym also commented that he believed the child was coached by her parents into saying the things that she told investigators and the court.

The Judge Advocate General, Vice Admiral James W. Houck, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, NCIS IG Robert Mulligan, DOD IG Hotline Director Mr. Leonard Trahan, Lt Gen Thomas D. Waldhauser, Major General Richard P. Mills, Lt Micahel Melocowshy, Major Clay Plummer and Capt John Ellis are also named in the tort claim for their involvement.

The basis of the claim are Damages for an Unjust Conviction, Deprivation of Rights, Loss of Consortium, Vicarious Liability (applying mostly to the heads of the commands and departments that have received notification of the wrongful conviction and still have done nothing about it), Violation(s) of the Sixth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment Rights, Violations of various DoD, SECNAVINST and JAGINST.

This is the first of 3 lawsuits.