Thursday, January 19, 2012

WhiteLight Productions on Radar Online and other updates

Radar Online just did a story about Van Der Sloot and a woman who was backing his appeal with monies sent to Peru.  I am happy to say that the man I have been working with to get Edwin's story out, Albert Harris Jr. of Whitelight Productions is also mentioned in this article since he is currently working on a documentary on Van Der Sloot.  You can see the article yourself at:

I also recieved news last Thursday that in about 6 weeks, I will be flying out to PA to start filming Edwin's story.  I can not wait for the general public to see what has been going on with the lies and cover-up that has happened to my husband and am happy to finally be able to go on record with all the documentation I have in my possession naming the wrongs of the people involved. 

A few months ago, I was contacted by Edwin's ex-wife, Gloria Ehlers (although she goes by various other names as well) requesting to see the document that states her daughter Randi Hester, told NCIS agents that she witnessed Stacey Skovranko, the alleged victim's mother, tell the alleged victim that it was my husband who committed this act and that she (Gloria) also wanted to see any letters sent to anyone stating that she "believed Paul and Stacey were lying about what really happened to their daughter", that she would "help the attorney because she did not believe Edwin committed that act he was accused of", and that she "hoped Paul and Stacey would get what was coming to them."  I supplied Gloria (and copied Albert Harris Jr. on that e-mail as well) with these documents and have yet to hear her response.

I am beginning to wonder if she is afraid of coming forward because of the backlash she would experience regarding her friend's Paul and Stacey Skovranko.   I fully intend on reading these letters and others on camera, ommitting no details, of Gloria sending letters to not only my husband after his incarceration but also to myself in e-mail form and to my sister-in-law as recently as a few months ago.  

I have already provided Albert with all the documentation needed to begin filming and can't wait to see the end result to be broadcast on national television!!!!