Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am currently working on getting all the documents together to post online.  I have been scanning pages like mad for posting, writing the whole story form 2004-present, and am also going to have everything linked for public viewing soon.

The documents I am referring to are NCIS Reports of Investigation, trial testimony, sworn statements given to NCIS, the polygraph from Mr. Paul Redden of the San Diego Police Department, letters and e-mails from Edwin's ex-wife Gloria Johnson/Hester/Ehlers about the Skovranko's, letters sent/received from the Judge Advocate General's office, Secretary of the Navy and the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the notification that was sent to the prosecution about the perjured testimony that was used, yet was never reported and also the request from Edwin's former attorney to the SJA asking for the sign in/out for the Naval hospital (which we went other routes to obtain).

Certain information will be blacked out such as the alleged victim's name, addresses, social sercurity numbers, etc., for privacy reasons but the bulk of it will be public.  These are all documents that the Government and the courts have known about and either refused to consider by denying their existence or have not even been acknowledged by the courts at all.

I will also be uploading all the court documents that were submitted on Edwin's behalf by Edwin's former attorney and myself so that when compared to what the military courts have considered in their analysis of this case, you will clearly see that they did not consider all the evidence submitted proving Edwin did not commit this crime.

Once this is completed, Edwin's story in going up on 6 more sites for more public exposure, as well as the names of the people involved with ranks (for the military personnel) included.  I am hoping to have all of this completed by the end of this weekend.

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