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I am still working to get Edwin's story produced by Albert Harris Jr., of Whitelight Productions and it looks like we will have better success for an interview than previously thought.  Some circumstances have changed, for the better, but he is still not home...yet.

I have also spoken to another producer who is going to film several different stories and take testimony that will be played before Congress.  The whole documentary is about wrongful convictions.  I have submitted my 3 minute testimony for Edwin's segment and have named the people involved.  I will have more details soon about when the filming will begin.

I also created a video about Edwin's wrongful conviction to be used as needed.  In it, I have given details of the people whose lies perpetuated the conviction and the military officials who have known about this and tried to cover it up or denied its existence at all. 

I have taken all information from the record of trial, FOIA requests, letters sent from military officials, court records, and documents recovered from the case file used by NCIS.

I understand that the Government has stated over and over they have done nothing wrong; that they have this confession where Edwin allegedly admitted to wrongdoing, etc., etc. What the military courts and OJAG refuse to acknowledge that I have not just ANY documentation showing their wrongdoing, but THEIR OWN documentation proving just how low they have gone to cover up the mistake they have made. 

For example, I have an NCIS Report of Investigation dated 8/1/06 that shows there was no confession when Sgt. Ehlers was interrogated at the Camp Pendleton NCIS building in April & May 2005.  This document has been admitted into evidence at NMCCA and CAAF when it was discovered after the conviction.  This Report of Investigation was not given to the defense as required per the Brady Doctrine, but was "accidentally" sent when other material was requested. 

NMCCA did not even acknowledge it in its response (along with several other NCIS documents that were admitted as well) when NMCCA declined the appeal.  NMCCA, CAAF and OJAG have also refused to comment on the fact that Special Agent Eric Muelenberg admitted to tampering with evidence at trial and that he also admitted to violating Edwin's Miranda Rights, which is in the record of trial.  The portion of Muelenberg's statements regarding the Miranda rights issue was removed from the "verbatim" record of trial, but the military judge, Lt.Col. Brian Kasprzyk "forgot" to remove his response to it.

Once this information was brought to the attention of the courts, Edwin got a letter from the Government in March 2011 stating that all the tapes from the trial were being erased (another document I have in my possession).  Does that not srtike you as odd?  The appeals were not over and the evidence is required to remain in custody for 10 years, yet it was being erased?

To add to this, there was an alleged "failed" polygraph conducted in May 2005 at NCIS.  First, it was not recorded.  Now I know that NCIS doesn't record all of its interrogations-so I can see where this wouldn't raise any eyebrows at the time.  But, the opinion of the examiner was allowed into evidence at Edwin's Art 32 hearing in February 2007.  According to R.C.M. 2008 Ed. Rule 707 (a), "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the results of the polygraph examination, THE OPINION OF A POLYGRAPH EXAMINER, or any reference to an offer to take, failure to take, or taking of a polygraph examination SHALL NOT BE ADMITTED INTO EVIDENCE."  On top of this FACT, which has been overlooked by the military court and OJAG on numerous occasions, was that NCIS has since been unable to locate the actual graph printout for the polygraph itself.  So Edwin took 4 more polygraphs while incarcerated at the Camp Pendleton Brig in January 2008.  All were video/audio recorded and he passed all 4 tests.

The tests were conducted and reviewed by Mr. Paul Redden of the San Diego Police Department and four other associates.  All reaching the same conclusion that Edwin was truthful when stating that this alleged sexual assault never happened.

I wonder if we hooked Paul, Stacey or Gloria up to a polygraph, if any of them would pass?  I would even give them the added benefit of not having to use NCIS administrators, since no one ever passes an NCIS polygraph.

So the Government has denied ever having violated Edwin's rights, trying to cover up the fact that key witnesses lied about certain events or even that the NCIS agents fabricated a confession and tampered with evidence, which should come as no suprise.  But its their own documents that speak louder than their silence and once I am able to find a place to publish all letters, NCIS Reports of Investigations, portions of the record of trial showing the lies and inconsistencies, and quite possibly the alleged victim's video testimony to NCIS agents where she freely admits to being coached, I will be happy to post it for the public's viewing to form your own opinion as to whether the Government and several of its officials have tired to sweep this whole issue under the rug to avoid the black-eye they are now starting to realize is coming.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the video I created while testing out some new software discovered on my computer yesterday.

You can see it here.

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