Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lawless America..the Movie

Monday August 6th, I am being filmed for the movie Lawless America here in Minnesota.  I will be adding my voice to the many others who have suffered at the hands of our corrupt Government. 

During my 1 hr interview, I will be answering questions about how Paul and Stacey Skovranko lied about what their daughter told them when she said that someone had touched her.  I will be providing the documentation PROVING that it was Stacey Skovranko who told her daughter to blame my husband and that Stacey did this in front of Randi Hester, a witness who in turn told NCIS.  NCIS chose to ignore this fact during their investigation.

I will be providing the sworn statements of Paul Skovranko where he stated that he took his daughter to the Beaufort Naval Hospital, and after telling them that she stated she was sexually assaulted, they denied him treatment and then he was checked into the E.R.  Yet the hospital records state she was never there in the month of June 2004 PROVING Paul Skovranko lied about the whole hospital incident.

I am also going to show the alleged victim's statements to NCIS during her forensic interview where she ADMITS to being told to say the things she was saying, but "couldn't remember" who told her to say these things about my husband (becuase it was her mother who told her to blame Edwin).  I am also providing her in-court testimony where she stated that some of the events she told NCIS in her forensic interview never happened and that when the judge asked her "H do you really remember?" she stated "no".

I will also be speaking about the NCIS agent, Special Agent Eric Muelenberg and his in-court testimony where he stated that he got a "confession" from my husband and when asked why he did not get it taped (when a video camera was available in the room) he stated his word should be good enough---yet an NCIS Report of Investigation dated 8/1/06 (14 months after this alleged confession) PROVES there was no confession at all.  That my husband maintained his innocence throughout both interrogations.  Apparently his word wasn't good enough since he lied under oath to the court.

Also NCIS conducted 4 polygraphs on Edwin.  None have ever been seen by anyone except Special Agent Muelenberg and NCIS was unable to locate the actualy graph from the tests.  Edwin under went 4 more, at the direction of Lt. Col. Colby Vokey (Ret.) and Edwin passed all 4 tests.

I am also filming a 3 minute speech to be played before Congress.

There are many, many more things I will be discussing with regards to my husband's wrongful conviction and the people involved.

Wish me luck!