Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meet me in D.C. event with Lawless America Feb 4th-7th

I made it to the event!  We flew in yesterday and got registered.  Today (Feb 5th) we went to the Rayburn House Offices building at Capitol Hill and I met with Michelle Bachmann, a rep from Congressman Kline's office and others as well. 

After those meetings we went to the Hart Senate building where I met with a rep from Senator Franken's office and made a few stops at the offices of Senator Klobuchar and also Senator Barbara Boxer.  I also spoke to several staff members from the House Judiciary Committee and handed out my business cards which have the Lawless America information as well as Edwin's information (this blog) on them.

Tomorrow evening (February 6th between 6:30 and 8:30 pm) I am speaking at the Capitol Building on Capitol Hill.  I will be talking about Edwin's wrongful conviction.  We can't record or take pictures while we are there, but its going to be quite the experience.  So far, those who have RSVP'd are more than the allowed seating so its standing room only.  Members of Congress and the Senate will be present as well.  I am super excited!  Also rumor has it, that there are also members of the press who will be present as well so I'll have more opportunities to hand out business cards.  Can't wait to share my experience at the Capitol building tomorrow!

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