Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New Information

Recently, I contacted Gloria Johnson (Edwin's ex wife and former friend to Paul and Stacey Skovranko). 

After some general questions, Gloria provided with me some insight as to why the Skovranko's may have used Edwin as the scapegoat in their lies. According to Gloria, the Skovranko's marriage was on the rocks-and had been for sometime. Gloria believes that Stacey may have pushed the issue of her daughters strange behavior as a way to keep her marriage together. 

Gloria also mentioned that she believed it was Paul who was touching H and still believes it to this day. If true, it would explain why Stacey Skovranko had Gloria's then 13 year old daughter question H. Stacey would have wanted to know if H would say something since H was seen touching herself. So when Randi and H went to Stacey and told Stacey that someone had touched H, Stacey immediately said it was Edwin-that way she wouldn't lose the life she was accustomed to if her husband Paul was found out and imprisoned.

Now, this is just speculation because no one has come forward saying that they saw Paul touching his daughter, but the comments made by Gloria to me in our Facebook messages conversation the other night would lead one to believe it. Gloria was close to the Skovranko's, she talked at length to Stacey about their marriage and problems they were having and Gloria even believes it was Paul doing it. Gloria is currently writing a statement of events that she believes are beneficial to helping Edwin obtain his release and have his conviction overturned.